What is Islam

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What is Islam ?

What is Islam? What does Islam mean?

And we’ve written an article to fix other questions that you have.

The first human and the first prophet Hz. Adam started and continued at every stage of the same content. This difference is seen only in the direction of human life developments.


In the institution called m religion muh, which is the product of divine communication from Hz. Adam to Hz. Muhammad, the content is always the same and the name of that content is il Islam Ad.

Indeed, Hz. Muhammad said;
All the prophets are brothers of each other. ( by Father ) (Buhârî, Enbiyâ, 48)

According to this information, Islam has not been formed only after the Qur’an as it is thought, but it has always existed since the past. All sympathy religions are always with their previous state before human falsifications occur. That is Islam.

In the Qur’an to express this fact, according to Allah, Religion is Islam.  (Âl-i İmrân, 19) It is said

At the same time, this statement is proof that the only recipe for the end of humanity is only Islam.

This fact is clearly stated in another verse:

”Whoever calls religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, nor will he be of any harm in the Hereafter.” (Âl-i İmrân, 85)

Islam, intellectual, verb, human relations and all aspects of human beings in the most beautiful way, and the darkness of the darkness is a religion that brings to light. So he raises the low. It is like an earth that grows from many rotten branches and knots. It makes simple and ordinary worshipers simple. In this respect, islam is the propulsive religion in the journey of eternity to heaven with divine blessings.

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