How Does Muslim?

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How Does Muslim?

Firstly, the first condition of being Muslim is to say the Word-i Shahada. Shariah is the key to the introduction of Islamic faith. The person who says this word has become a Muslim.

What is Shahada?

La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah said that the word-i Shahad said that he became a Muslim.

The meaning of the Shahad : “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger [or prophet] of Allah.”

Shadad Allah’s unity and Hz. To accept Muhammad’s prophecy.

The previous sins of a new Muslim without a Muslim are forgiven after the Shahadah and are erased.

What should a new Muslim do ?

The new Muslim must first take a gullet and then learn the basic principles of Islam. If the name is not against the religion of Islam is not compulsory to change. It is recommended that men be circumcised.


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